The Goddess Of Mercy

© 1964 Kadokawa Pictures
  • Saturday, June 1, 22:45 Deutsches Filmmuseum
    (Tickets only available at the Deutsches Filmmuseum)

  • Manji
  • Japan 1964, 35mm, 91 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Yasuzo MASUMURA
  • Script: Kaneto SHINDO based on a novel by Junichiro TANIZAKI
  • Production: Daiei
  • Camera: Setsuo KOBAYASHI
  • World sales: Kadokawa
  • Film copy: Japan Foundation
  • Cast: Ayako WAKAO, Kyoko KISHIDA, Eiji FUNAKOSHI, Yusuke KAWAZU, Kyu SAZANKA
  • With an introduction by Tom Mes

Sonoko, a bored housewife, falls in love with Mitsuko (Ayako WAKAO) and starts an affair with her. She soon finds out that Mitsuko is not as innocent as she first seems. A confusing love quadrangle ensues where everyone seems to betray everyone else. Starting off as a story of suppressed love, the twists and turns in this melodrama about obsessive passions might cause vertigo. WAKAO’s portrayal of an insidious femme fatale is at the center of it all.

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