Ryuichi SAKAMOTO: async International Short Film Competition

  • Friday, May 31, 12:15 Naxoshalle Kino
  • In A Happy Place
  • by Sandup RONGKUP, 6:55 min, engl. OV
  • Shosho ni mitsu
  • by J. K. WANG, J 2017, 5:01 min, engl. OV
  • Recurrence
  • by Julius Horsthuis, NL 2017, 4:20 min, engl. OV
  • Antithesis
  • by Kachi CHAN, HK 2017, 5:56 min, no dialog
  • Poetry of Banality
  • by Michael Basov, R 2017, 4:21 min, no dialog
  • Wanderer
  • by Federico Casal, UR 2017, 6:58 min, engl. OV
  • Life, Life
  • by Yaniv TOUATI, F 2017, 4:31 min, engl. OV
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto | ubi, async | Nagi 2
  • by Takatoshi ARAI, J 2017, 4:15 min, no dialog
  • LIFE LIFE | Ryuichi Sakamoto – async
  • by Chien An YUAN, USA 2017, 4:24 min, engl. OV
  • A Mother In Tears Takes A Child On Her Lap
  • by Kentaro KISHI, J 2017, 10:01 min, engl. OV
  • A Dreat Of Red Mansions: The Long Goodbye
  • by Wong Fei PANG, HK 2017, 9:59 min, Japanese with English subtitles

After finishing his recent Album ASYNC, Ryuichi SAKAMOTO felt that it was the soundtrack to a film that hadn’t been created yet. Therefore he announced an International Short Film Competition, encouraging filmmakers to create the visuals for his music. NIPPON CONNECTION presents SAKAMOTO’s personal winning pick as well as the ten winners of an online audience voting..

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