Nippon Film Breakfast: Mirai

  • Thursday, May 30, 11:00 Internationales Theater (Nippon Filmfrühstück)
  • 未来のミライ
    Mirai no mirai
  • Japan 2018, 98 min, Japanese with German subtitles, released to age 6 or older
  • Director & script: Mamoru HOSODA
  • Production: Studio Chizu
  • Distribution: AV Visionen
  • Voice actors: Moka KAMISHIRAISHI, Haru KUROKI, Gen HOSHINO, Kumiko ASO

When Kun’s new sister arrives, he is shocked by how much time his parents spend taking care of her. Only after being visited by his sister from the future is he able to overcome his feelings of resentment toward her. The delicately drawn scenes of family life make the Oscar-nominated anime MIRAI one of the most realistic family-themed films from Japan.

Presented by Kazé

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