Floating Weeds

© 1959 Kadokawa Pictures
  • Saturday, June 1, 16:00 Deutsches Filmmuseum
    (Tickets only available at the Deutsches Filmmuseum)
  • 浮草
  • Japan 1959, 35mm, 119 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Yasujiro OZU
  • Script: Kogo NODA, Yasujiro OZU
  • Production: Daiei
  • Camera: Kazuo MIYAGAWA
  • World sales: Kadokawa
  • Film copy: Japan Foundation
  • Cast: Ganjiro NAKAMURA, Machiko KYO, Hiroshi KAWAGUCHI, Ayako WAKAO, Haruko SUGIMURA
  • With an introduction by Jonathan Hall

A traveling theater troupe arrives in a small seaside town where its leader Komajuro reunites with his former lover Oyoshi and their now grown-up son. As Komajuro’s colleague and current mistress Sumiko learns about this, she gets jealous and bribes young actress Kayo (Ayako WAKAO) to seduce the son. Yasujiro OZU arranges this story into a series of calmly observed everyday scenes, presented in meticulously composed shots.

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