Der Progress nach Jenseits

© Jumpei Tainaka
  • 歴程 – Der Progress nach Jenseits
    断片 – 11111110110101111110111_02
    A photo exhibition by Jumpei TAINAKA
  • Tuesday, May 28, – Sunday, June 2, entrance Naxos Atelier
  • Opening: Wednesday, May 29, 19:30 entrance Naxos Atelier

"I am nowhere. But I am now here." – With the help of his camera, Jumpei TAINAKA travels through time and space. For him, photography connects the past with the present and the future. He resides in Hamburg, Tokyo, and Osaka and is also a festival photographer for NIPPON CONNECTION. In his photographic exhibition, he presents visually stunning encounters of nature and people, in which time seems to stand still.


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