• Sunday, June 2, 17:15 Naxoshalle Kino
  • コンプリシティ
  • Japan / PRC 2018, 115 min, Japanese with English subtitles, released to age 6 or older
  • Director & script: Kei CHIKAURA
  • Production: Creatps, Mystigri Pictures
  • Camera: Yutaka YAMAZAKI
  • World sales: MPM PREMIUM
  • Cast: Yulai LU, Tatsuya FUJI, Sayo AKASAKA, Kio MATSUMOTO

Chen Liang, a young Chinese living as an illegal immigrant in Japan, lands a job at a traditional soba restaurant where the master chef introduces him to the art of making soba. Yet, Chen lives in constant fear that his true identity might be revealed. Kei CHIKAURA’s moving feature debut depicts how an illegal immigrant tries to find his place and identity in Japanese society.

Director's Bio

Kei CHIKAURA, born in Japan in 1977, grew up in Germany and Japan and studied economics and film at Osaka University. He started his career as a filmmaker in 2013 with the short film EMPTY HOUSE. His third short film SIGNATURE (2017) was screened at Locarno Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival, among others. It won the Grand Prix at Encounters Film Festival in Bristol. COMPLICITY (2018) is his feature length debut.

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